…the oracle-bones…

Our tradition and our teachers’ teachers tell us that what we learn is very old.  And we believe them because we discover that we are learning what a farmer knows, what a hunter-gatherer knows, what someone who rows a boat knows, and what someone who fights on horse-back knows – and what a swordsman who has fought to exhaustion knows – ways of holding our body, and of being in our body, and of knowledge that comes from that.

And we believe them because we hear that some of our exercises are reminiscent of First Nations movement ritual.

And we believe them centereduprightbecause we see that what we are learning is encoded in the oldest writing. In oracle-bone scripts and seal script.

The oldest form of ‘centered’ is an upright with that metaphor of banner waving in the wind – both above, and below. And the oldest form of  ‘straight and upright’ is a foot with no ankle: so with the weight resting behind the ball of the foot, on the Bubbling Well chakra.

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