The Chinese Connection (4)

Ueshiba Morihei (Wang Shou-Kao, to use the Chinese name given to him by Onisaburo Deguchi), in the course of his visits to China and Manchuria – at the time a Japanese protectorate (Manchuko) – apparently met with several famous Chinese masters who initiated him into the mysteries of Taoist cosmology, and of Baguazhang. One of these masters was Gao Yi-Sheng (see Le Rituel du Dragon, Les sources et les racines des arts martiaux, editions Chariot d’or, by Georges Charles – xingyiquan expert and writer.)

In 1991, a mangaka (creator of Japanese cartoons) and martial arts practitioner, told me exactly the same thing. But at the time I made no attempt to learn more.

– – from Le corps aiki –  La pratique interne de l’aikido,  Philippe Grangé,  p. 214

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