Tenchi no hajime no toki…

Heaven and Earth are here-and-now ceaselessly creating and beginning again and again.  The beginning of Heaven and Earth that is laid out in the Kojiki is not the origin of physical matter that is discussed in astronomy, physics or history. And this is not because the Kojiki’s chapters on the Age of the Gods naturally deal with things that happened, spontaneously,  a long, long time ago – but nevertheless after that point in time. Now and – for that reason – here  – which is to say “in the here-and-now” – is the place where all the time Heaven and Earth are beginning. That is to say:  Heaven and Earth in reality are ceaselessly – both here and now – continuously being formed and are continuously creating. This “now” is called “the eternal present”.

– – – Koji Ogasawara,   Kototama Hyakushin,  p. 17

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