Michio Hikitsuchi Shihan remembers…

He also told us to have a sense of gratitude. Be thankful for others and to nature. Without gratitude we cannot become true human beings. The power of nature, the sun, gives us everyhing. When rain falls, the field produces rice. Fruit and grain grow. This is the gift of the earth. Therefore the keiko is very important.

– – – in Remembering O-Sensei, ed. Susan Perry, p.101

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The First Dream of the Year

The year’s first dream:
still in my nose –
the heart of what it is to be a flower…

– – – Chiyo Ni

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Using a rounded piece of wood, know the moon on the water!
– – – the dream of Muso Gonnosuke Katsuyoshi

Do not think about hitting your opponent,
Move without thinking, like moonlight into a leaky cabin.
– – – Yamaoka Tesshu

A man knows for sure:
However hard he hits the flow of a river,
The simple fact of a trace in the water:
–   doesn’t happen.
– – –  Hoshina Chikanori


Michio Hikitsuchi Shihan remembers O’Sensei…


Twenty years, already, have passed since O’SENSEI, that miraculous Budoka without precedent, passed away!

It is truly a pity that we are no longer able to see his divine techniques. I am absolutely certain that KAISO (MORIHEI UESHIBA Sensei) was a KAMI incarnate, because he devoted his entire life to finding a way to perfect Japanese BUDO,  in creating AIKIDO, in which there is no brutal element, just like running water which never stagnates. I have unforgettable memories of KAISO’s words, as we talked of one thing and another. He said to me once: “it is as if the wind were blowing through me”.

KAISO’s BUDO was fresh and spontaneous, and without attachment. It was a true expression of the state of his soul. More than this: his power was absolute, and if you attacked him with an inimical spirit, you were flattened, as if struck by lightening.

It is impossible that a BUDO so fashioned were created by human intelligence…

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…an index of talks and teachings by O’Sensei…

…in –

The SPIRIT of Aikido – by Nidai Doshu  (1984)

Aikido and the HARMONY of Nature – by Mitsugi Saotome Shihan
The PRINCIPLES of Aikido – by Mitsugi Saotome Shihan
A LIGHT on Transmission – by Mitsugi Saotome Shihan

TRADITIONAL  Aikido – by Morihiro Saito Shihan

It’s a lot like DANCING – by Terry Dobson Sensei

VIBRATION and Connection – by Seishiro Endo Shihan

Following the Martial PATH – by Walther G. Von Krenner Sensei

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ENLIGHTENMENT through Aikido – by Kanshu Sunadomari Shihan

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“Ah, I see you are reading The Book of Five Rings…” (conv’n w/ MS) HARMONY p.239
“Aikido has as its mission the restoration and preservation of the health of both the individual and society…” LIGHT p.109
“Aikido is none other than the manifestation of the workings of love…” HARMONY p.31
“Aikido is not for beating others or winning battles…” PATH p.168
“Aikido is not for being victorious over people…” VIBRATION p.125
“Aikido is not the art of fighting using brute strength…” ENLIGHTENMENT p.29
“Aikido is realizing the original power of life…” HARMONY p.154
“Aikido is the culmination of the arts of the sword, spear, and body…” VIBRATION p.125

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