O’Sensei no kuden: misogi (2)

Without color and without form, the Great Benevolent Spirit, because it is without color and transparent, and embodying the most complete purity, the most complete innocence, the most complete holiness, the most complete beauty, the most complete honesty, the most complete virtue, the most complete and supreme love, is the most important in the divine teachings. And so misogi techniques were created, and so the Way of Aiki was created. And through the marvelous functioning of kotodama, the whole great world is made bright and pure again. And through this the misogi of Heaven and earth, the landscape and humanity is performed.

– – – O’Sensei,  probably audio-recorded by by Masatake Fujita,  transcribed by Sadateru Arikawa Shihan, published in Aiki-Shinzui,  p. 142

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