Morihiro Saito Shihan on Ki-flow in te-gatana, hassho…

in Te-gatana:

When you thrust forward the edge portion of your Tegatana without bending your arm, the arm will naturally form an arc permitting your ‘Ki‘ power to issue forth. Tegatana, in itself, is not intended for aggressive purposes. It rather is used in a great number of techniques to make better use of consolidated ‘Ki‘ power.
– – – Aikido its Heart and Appearance,  p.24

in Hassho:

[in  Suburi #3:  1)] Point the sword vertically at the heaven above your head and breathe in deeply.  Inhale the spirits of the Universe thoroughly into your body through the tip of the sword, integrate yourself with Nature and fill every part of your body with ‘Ki‘ power…

– – – Aikido its Heart and Appearance,  p. 40

[Suburi #3: ] This is one of the kokyu, or breath,  techniques.  As the right foot steps back, the sword is raised directly overhead.  This alignment allows the universal ki  [ten-no-kokyu] to enter the tip of the sword and fill your whole body…

– – –  Traditional Aikido,  vol 1,  p.26-7

1)  The movement of Suburi #3  is very close to the first Yagyu Shinkage Ryu kata: Itto Ryodan.

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