Lynn has a new sculpture available…

... ARTESIA,  at… 

“Artesia” is a play on the concept of an artesian well:

“a well bored into water-bearing strata lying at an angle, so that natural pressure produces a constant supply of water with little or no pumping: the water from artesian wells makes agriculture possible.”

Lynn-san’s thinking is that those lovely steppe breeds are an ancient font, a source well, for many families of performance horses and of course for elegant, powerful movement:

AND COMING UP: LYNN-SAN is teaching a workshop:

Wire to Whinny

March 16 thru 18, 2018 (with Open Studio on March 19) Boise, Idaho.
held in Lynn-san’s studio, Boise, Idaho

In this three-day workshop students will learn the basics of equine anatomy, how to best utilize references, form an armature, and then apply clay to create a sculpture.  The workshop is as much about sharing ideas, learning to analyze various references and how to then translate that information into three dimensions as it is about creating an object. These techniques can be used in creating a sculpture of any animal…

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