Koichi Tohei Shihan on Ude Furi Undo…

<From Koichi Tohei Shihan’s first book – written ‘under the supervision of’ O’Sensei, a version of  ude-furi undo (stir-arms) that we don’t usually see when folks warm up on the mat, starting in shizentai but moving into hanmi:>

Stand easily with feet apart.

Count One.

Swing your arms to the left, pouring Ki outward and making a circle with the finger tips. (photo 1)

Count Two.

Swing them to the right in the same manner (photo 2)….


Counts One and Two are to be repeated  several times… Then [on “one”] take a step forward with your right foot, turn your body to your left side and step backward with your left foot, always keeping time (photo 3).




At count Two, swing both arms to your right side, take a backward step with your right foot and face the same direction as you did at count One (photo 4). Repeat this several times.




If you can keep the one point at all times, in leaping about and stepping forward or backward for example, you will not make loud sounds with your feet. Begin this exercise slowly, then gradually increase your tempo.

The movements in this exercise are often used in AIKIDO.

The principle involved is the same as that of a spinning globe. No matter who your opponent may be, you can use the principle to suck him in and throw him at will. The one point becomes the center, your arms become the radius and the circles you make with your finger tips as you perform this exercise. If you draw your Ki inward or stop pouring forth Ki, the radius becomes loose and you cannot make the circle that is required.

– – – Koichi Tohei Shihan,  “Supervised by Morihei Uyeshiba [O’Sensei]” Aikido the Arts of Self-Defense,  pp. 71-73

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