Koichi Tohei Shihan on Sayu Undo…

…a preparatory exercise for Katate-dori and Morote-dori Kokyu-nage.

Stand easily with feet apart.

sayu undo25SMALLsayu undo26SMALL








Count One. Swing your arms up to the left side, palms upward, your face always to the front (Photo 25).

Count Two. Lower your hips by bending your left knee and straightening out your right leg. Keep your upper body erect (Photo 26).

….Make a conscious effort to think about the underside of your arms. If your mind is on the upperside of the arms, they can be lifted up easily.

sayu undo27SMALLsayu undo28SMALLCount Three. Do the same movement toward your right side, completing it at count Four (Photos 27 and 28).

When you are doing this exercise, you must feel confident that you can throw your opponent by movements of your arms as at counts Two and Four.

If you try to throw him down using only your arms, you will find it difficult, but if you learn to use your [koshi] movement to throw him, you will find it easy. If your arms and [koshi] can be moved easily by your instructor’s pushing, you cannot expect to throw an opponent.

– – – Koichi Tohei Shihan,  “Supervised by Morihei Uyeshiba  [O’Sensei]”   Aikido the Arts of Self-Defense,   pp.  69-70

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