Koichi Tohei Shihan on Irimi-nage and Ki-flow…




Nage should help Uke to go along the direction of his Ki.






When he discovers that he has gone too far and wants to return, let him  return. It is with this lighter feeling that these movements should be performed.

Nage raises the right arm in a curving upward motion. If the right arm is merely pushed back against Uke‘s right arm, there is a collision of two forces and raising the arm becomes very difficult. The right arm should be raised while pouring forth Ki as shown in the diagram [below]


so that Uke‘s right arm  automatically follows and is raised up. Nage‘s Ki must be poured forth along the side of the small finger.

The right arm and the [koshi] must be lowered completely, and when standing up, the arm must be positioned as shown in [2nd photo]. Then Ki is poured forth and Nage stands up.

tohei-iriminage3[3rd photo]: Do not work to throw Uke‘s body. Lead Uke‘s mind  backward, and he will  automatically fall.

The right arm goes up with the finger tips first and encircles Uke‘s neck. Then with the finger tips pointing to the ground, Nage throws Uke as though he were dropping him off his finger tips.

When Nage encircles Uke‘s neck  with his arm, he does not hit his throat with his arm.


If Nage imagines that his rigid arm is round and truly wraps it around Uke‘s neck, he can throw Uke with ease.






After throwing Uke, it will not do for Nage to let Ki out of the body or to let his guard down. He must always imagine that enemies are around and prepare to defend himself against the next attack from any quarter.

– – – Koichi Tohei Shihan,  “Supervised by Morihei Uyeshiba  [O’Sensei]”   Aikido the Arts of Self-Defense,   p. 91

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