In-yo-ho and Makoto…

– – – by Kimbal Anderson Sensei

So this movement of energy we’re showing, this thing, is creating a circulation within y o u r body. Now some forms of aikido never go beyond this: “I have my center…I take your center… I throw you…” This is very much “I’m okay, you’re uke“… (in other words: “I maintain my integrity and you don’t need to….”)  Well, what I prefer is that you both have structural integrity and you both keep it as you feed in. Which means that uke doesn’t bail out, but is able to experience the influences of being drawn into a greater circulation of energy.

Uke does lose their center in the sense of losing their balance.  Kuzushi has happened. To practise correctly, I need to take your center in order to throw you. But I do not want you to operate without integrity and center. In fact, you can be upside down and keep your center. You’re still thrown, but you keep your center. You fall in such a way that you don’t disconnect. You fall and you are organizing your structure in such a way that if  I pull away – if I  lose that ki-contact with you – you can feel it and you could throw me… you could become instantly nage.

And this is the great fun of the practice.

Now, do I want to do all kinds of goofy stuff so I can trick you?  So I win at this game?


There’s no integrity in that.

“Well, what about in the real world? And what about…?”

Forget it.  Don’t go there. It’s a waste of you.

Once you have this direct concentration, no-one’s going to fool you. And when we’re thrown while trying to throw, we don’t feel defeated –  actually it’s quite a tickle… and you realize  “Oh yeah, I did something… I changed something…”

“But what about in the real world? People are like that…”

Does being weird and sneaky give you better survival skills? That’s a weird assumption.

And when you train, you start understanding these forces. You start seeing other forces at work. That’s called misogi. And you start to purify…

So the first thing is to get this step: where your energy’s nice and clear. Then you start creating from there, and you start operating – as best you can – exclusively from this other understanding. And that’s that beginner’s mind. That is beginner’s mind. You realize that you are in a safe place with people who are doing their best to develop this kind of integrity with you.

So now, boom, they take hold.  You keep your structure. You bring them into it.

You’re not trying to overcome them, but you ARE learning how to bring someone into a greater harmony:. Aiki. I will teach you how to make your kokyu bigger and bigger and bigger, so that the thing you’re offering is stronger than you have today. But you’re not taking anything away from them. You’re bringing them into a big space. And they’re going to experience it the way they experience it. And then we’re going to move together in this bigger space – and that’s kokyu.

Now,  O’Sensei:  he had that thing.  He could do that.

And I’m teaching this at the pace I believe will be the most permanent. We’re going to go about this real slow. But it’s quite powerful.

And once you get the premise of what I’m doing, you’ll be able to apply it to ikkyo and nikkyo… all of it…

You’ll start seeing the circuits…

You’ll start seeing all the patterns…

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