Hirokazu Kobayashi Shihan on meditation…

[Hirokazu Kobayashi Shihan] used to teach that meditation, in aikido, could be done in various ways, but that there was one way that was specific to our practice. He said that you should sit in seiza, and allow to come into your mind whatever came, without making any judgement, and to each thought you should respond, “arigatai“. The word “arigatai” comes from “arigato” which means “thank you”, but the conjugation “-tai” means “the wish to” or “the desire to”.  One could translate “arigatai” as “I would like to thank…” So in this way, the budoka wants to thank eveything that comes into his mind.  Everything is the Way, everything is my life, happiness and misfortune, joy and suffering, peace and conflict. Everything that happens to me belongs to me, and I am responsible for it. By being thankful, the meditating budoka mentally blends with everything that comes to mind, because he knows that anything he rejects could mean possible conflict with everything that is not “him”.

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