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  • The only two classes which are accurately described in Marx’s theory, the two clearly delineated classes that are the subjects of all that analysis in Das Kapital – are the bourgeoisie and the proletariat. And they are also the only two revolutionary classes in history, but with this difference in status: the bourgeois revolution has happened, the proletarian revolution is a project, borne of the achievements of the preceding revolution, but different in kind. It is essential to keep in mind how new was the historical role of the bourgeoisie, because only then can you also appreciate how truly new the proletarian project is… and it will come to nothing unless it fights under its own colors, with full understanding of the immensity of the various tasks. The bourgeoisie came to power because it was the emerging class of the developing economy. The proletariat can only come to power by becoming the class of knowledge and awareness. The maturing of the forces of manufacturing and production cannot bring it to power, even with the ever-increasing impoverishment and dispossession that comes as the capitalist economy evolves. A Jacobin seizure 1) of the apparatus of state cannot be its vehicle. No ideology can disguise a subset of its goals as the totality of its goals: because it cannot sustain a partially-true-but-partially-false reality as truly its own. 
1) think Robespierre and the guillotine.

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knowledge and awareness…

Guy Debord wrote this in 1967, but it is only now – with all of our ongoing general impoverishment, and the beginnings of the information age, – that suddenly we can see forming a proletariat that is knowing and aware. And that has its hands on the means of production.

That is: all of us.

And so the task becomes: to educate to be truly in the physical world – and to be aware of all its energies – and to be accustomed to doing – to be able to act.

And epistemology.

Because it’s about knowledge and clear vision. In all of the five worlds: manifest, hidden, divine, virtual and economic…

And even though “knowledge and awareness” might not seem to be about redistribution… redistribution will happen:  with connection, and a view that is whole and with person-to-person activity and with self-determination and self-sufficiency.

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