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  • “Exchange value” could only come into being as the agent of “usage value,”  but its victory by its own force of arms has created the conditions for it to have dominion under its own flag.  Organizing every and all human usage… claiming and seizing a monopoly on the satisfaction deriving from that usage… it has ended up  c o n t r o l i n g    t h a t    u s a g e   i t s e l f .   So the process of exchange has proclaimed itself actually to be absolutely every possible usage, and has brought simple old-fashioned “usage” to its knees. “Exchange value” is “usage value’s” hired mercenary,  who has ended up making war on his own account. 

* – * – *

The sea-peoples and the ancient Egyptians.  The Huns and the Roman Empire.  And today: how much US military presence is actually contractors?

Certainly, intelligence and military hackers all round the world are mostly contractors.  Cyber-warfare is contracted out.  And when they do recruit geeks and hackers directly into the intelligence services: dress-code and drug-codes are relaxed.  They are a different class…

…who control the means of production.

Three millennia ago, money in the Western world was invented, probably, to pay and control mercenaries: by marking their bits of gold with the sign of who they had just been fighting for.  But now we have Bitcoin.

* – * – *

Lydia cheated their mercenaries by mixing  30% gold, 70% silver, and a trace of copper to make it look like gold.  So right from the start,  Western money was rooted in deception.  But now we have Bitcoin.

That only geeks can mine.

Rooted in reason.

But not in generosity.

Nor in any wider sense of transaction…beyond the more hermetic reaches of the virtual world…

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