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  • The entire life of [our] societies where modern conditions of production reign, manifests itself as – and proclaims itself to be – an immense accumulation of performances and images.  Everything that used to be lived directly has become removed and distanced: and has become a replica, a second-hand representation.

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This means that instead of people using the myth for introspection and illumination… the myth now has become its own thing. And so  having an aggregated myth about yourself, plus a set of selfies and a ‘personality’…  everyone has become both an actor and a cinematographer, and they’ve forgotten… even though Nature is acting upon them… they respond in the third person. And they don’t feel the visceral knowledge: which means they’re out of synch with Great Nature.

And so what used to be the great dramas and passion plays, that were used to reconnect you to tribe and to Nature and a deeper sense of being, have all been turned into the opposite.

It actually turns you away from everything. It even turns you away from others, because then you compete in your spectacle.

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  • In a world which has been truly turned inside out, the ‘true’ is a beautiful moment of sublimely realized falsehood. 

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  • The concept of  ‘le spectacle‘  – of these performances and images – encompasses and explains a huge diversity of phenomena of appearance. Their diversity and variety are the way these appearances appear, organized socially, which must be seen and understood as its generalized truth. Considered on its own terms, ‘le spectacle‘ is the  a f f i r m a t i o n  of appearances and the affirmation of all human life, which is to say life in society, as simple appearance. But the critique which gets to the true heart of ‘le spectacle‘ discovers it to be the visible  n e g a t i o n   of life; because, in fact, it is an on-going    n e g a t i o n  of life which has  b e c o m e   v i s i b l e .
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