Gozo Shioda Shihan on “seeing the flow of power”…

…I would like to give a more detailed explanation here about being able to see the flow of power.

During the intensive training classes and black belt classes at the dojo, when we’re working on techniques together, some of you have probably seen how I just slightly change the direction of the power and make a technique that wasn’t working work. What’s happening here is that I can see the flow of power. This is not some sensation or intuition that I have; I can actually see it quite clearly.

The first point that I notice is the expression in the opponent’s eyes. Then, I determine what kind of stance he has and where his center of gravity is placed. You can’t look long and hard at all this, though, you have to take it all in at a glance.

If you can’t achieve this, you won’t be able to fully execute things like nikajo.

Gozo Shioda Shihan, Aiki Shugyou  pp.104-105

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