“Every time I train…”

When we say ‘Ame-no-Murakumo’, it is as if we are saying: ‘the ki of the [natural] universe’, ‘the ki of Onogoro-jima [ – the earth]’, ‘the ki of the A-Um uttered by trees and the myriad beings of all creation’ pierced through and through by the ki of your own spirit becoming utterly one with them to create total musubi – – – – – – – . This is the divine sword, the tsurugi Ame-no-Murakumo.  It is as if you are becoming the root and cause of every possible activity and power of the divine sword, going back to ancient times.

As for me, every time I train, the first thing I do [is perform okorobi ] in the place I am standing. And by my footfall on the platform of the heavens and the platform of the earth,  it is as if the founders of my spiritual lineage and the founders of my physical lineage are bursting out of the underworld right where my left foot hits the ground.  And through their help I am expanding the boundaries of my ki – taking on the shape of Kuni-Toko-Tachi[-no-Mikoto] – to the farthest bounds of the [natural] universe.

– – – O’Sensei,  probably audio-recorded by by Masatake Fujita, transcribed by Sadateru Arikawa Shihan,  published in Aiki-Shinzui,  pp. 145-6

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