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…”O-Sensei told stories, and I listened”…

Aikido Today:   How did you associate with O-Sensei outside the dojo?

Hikitsuchi Shihan:   O-Sensei told stories, and I listened.  He spoke of a variety of things.  Whenever I was with him,  I was always paying attention.

- – - from the Aikido Today interview,  translation revised by Peter Shapiro

Nito Kendo seminar in Ontario, OR – July 18-20


Niten Ichi Ryu Musashi Kai – 7th US Nito Kendo Seminar

featuring Heido 9th Dan, Kendo Kyoshi 7th Dan
Hirotsugu Sasaki, Vice-chairman/chief master, co-author, Musashi no Ken book, contributing author, AJKF
Nito Guidebook.

“…We are looking forward to seeing you at this year’s seminar.  Please join Kendo players of all skill levels for a unique Kendo learning experience. Both Nito and Itto kenshi will benefit from this event. Seminar is open to beginners and advanced rank. Valuable to people studying Nito now, or simply wanting to learn how to face Nito players…”

More info and registration at

Michio Hikitsuchi Shihan remembers…

He also told us to have a sense of gratitude. Be thankful for others and to nature. Without gratitude we cannot become true human beings. The power of nature, the sun, gives us everyhing. When rain falls, the field produces rice. Fruit and grain grow. This is the gift of the earth. Therefore the keiko is very important.

- – - in Remembering O-Sensei, ed. Susan Perry, p.101

…a feeling that wells up and comes out naturally…

If a conversation is truly something wonderful, it is kototama….When the desire for everyone to be in harmony is present in what you say, I feel your words are kototama. If the heart of love and gratitude permeates every word, that is kototama….    When O’Sensei chanted the sounds A…O…U…E…I… and other kototama, he would say that the sound had to emerge naturally, of its own accord. “A”…is a feeling that wells up and comes out naturally in a sound. While O’Sensei was sounding the kototama, he would say, with “A” the sound emerges naturally, and with “ME” the sound goes out and circulates….

- – -  Motomichi Anno Shihan – Journey to the Heart of Aikido,   pp.248-9

…ki-work and misogi…

Ki techniques of the body
calm the spirit -
Misogi techniques
give us guidance : -
the heavenly – and earthly – kami…

- – - O’Sensei

O’Sensei no Kuden: Kokyu

Breath out while breathing in, and breath in while breathing out.

- – - reported by Nobuyuki Watanabe Shihan – in Gekkan Hiden,  Aug. 2007.  Interview translated by Christopher Li Sensei,  Sangenkai website.

Theater as Mandala…

O’Sensei no kuden: keiko

No, no, no,  Mr. Nocquet, do not read, you have to practise more with your body, you do not practise enough!

- – - reported by André Nocquet Shihan in a France-Culture interview, transcription on Guillaume Erard’s website

Hisaya Shoji Sensei in Boise, August 1987…

B.S.U. Kendo Club group picture, with Hisaya Shoji Sensei (center),  and club organizer,  Kimbal Anderson (far left).

“That was my encounter with someone who truly understood the sword, particularly budo, and who knew O’Sensei….he took me aside, and told me the stuff he told me, and he said: ‘do it this way’, and ‘this is how you should proceed and teach it, eventually’….it was a big deal:  it opened my head…and put my feet somewhere else…and what he said to me about O’Sensei was that  ‘he was someone who polished his heart until he became one with the kami.’

- – - Kimbal Anderson Sensei

…Tahoe Shimenawa!…