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… Fudo Myo-O !!! …


…ki-work and misogi…

Ki techniques of the body
calm the spirit –
Misogi techniques
give us guidance : –
the heavenly – and earthly – kami…

– – – O’Sensei

…taki-misogi no gyo!!!

…taki-misogi-no-gyo (2) !!!

…Falls Creek!!!…


…the misogi of wind and water…

These three things [sho-chiku-bai], if we want to say clearly what they are,  we would say: they are the red jewel,  the white jewel,  and the perfect, clear jewel.  What we call ‘the red jewel’ is shio-mitsu-no-tama [the salt-filling-up-jewel]; the white jewel is shio-hiro-no-tama [the salt-ebbing-out-jewel], and the perfect, clear jewel is the jewel of the wind. And we have to make full use of all the benefits of that misogi that comes from the spirit-powers of wind and water. We have to completely purify with misogi the kegare of some 100 million years,  accumulated up to the present day. We have to set about performing this misogi. Because  without this misogi we will not be able to create a thing.  Nothing fine will arise. And we will not be able to set a single thing aright.

– – – O’Sensei,   probably audio-recorded by by Masatake Fujita, transcribed by Sadateru Arikawa Shihan,  published in Aiki-Shinzui,   pp. 22-23

…New Year’s Eve river-misogi – 2015-2016!!!…

…harai tamae, kiyome tamae, rokkonshojo!!!!



…some haiku, waka, kambun and renka on misogi…

O’Sensei performs misogi in the mountains…

Sprinkled by spring waters,
The rocky crag’s voice:
How perfectly pure and clear it falls,
– Also when no-one is there.


Basho meditates and performs misogi behind Hidden View Falls on Sunlight Mountain…

For a while
In a waterfall
I seclude myself –
The first-rites of Summer…


…a mountain waterfall…

Tumbling down a rocky crag
the water filling a deep blue-green
– misogi!!!

– Santoka


…by Nishigo falls in Yoshino…

…amidst the rushing water
are there yellow mountain-rose petals falling?
… a waterfall’s sound …

– – – Basho

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…Boise-gawa no mizu…


…New Year’s misogi 2016-2017!!!…