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Takeda Sokaku Sensei no kuden: Ude-Osae

“Crash their elbow into their head”
– – – transmitted in the Yamamoto-ha
– – – reported by Keisetsu YOSHIMARU in Aikido no Ogi

Roppo (1) – Takeda Sokaku Sensei no kuden:

“Even in the roppo of kabuki,  it is not only a matter of shape or form:  arm movements and the stepping of the feet are informed by [an essential] vigilance in relation to the enemy[ies];  [and] a body without [discernable] arc or bow is [absolutely] necessary.”

– – – reported by Kodo HORIKAWA Sensei  to  Seigo OKAMOTO Sensei
– – – Daito-ryu Aiki-Jujutsu  p.207

Roppo(2) – Takeda Sokaku Sensei at the kabuki…

Once, at the beginning of the Taisho era, Takeda Sokaku, while staying for a short while in Tokyo, had an opportunity to go out to the theatre. Sokaku, having set up camp near the hanamichi was observing Kikugoro’s movements. He was [playing] Benkei, at the Ataka Barrier. Making to chase after Yoshitsune’s party after they exited,  Kikugoro was stepping along the hanamichi  near where Sokaku had set himself.

At that moment, Sokaku commented: “the performance is good, but the footwork is bad:  the roppo is really bad,” …

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