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Sagawa Yukiyoshi Sensei no kuden: Kamae

March 20, 1965
As for what is called ‘kamae‘, for example, the way it is used in fighting with ‘karate’, or ‘boxing’: because it is made so obvious, it is easy to deal with when done that way. Without taking up a kamae, it’s good to advance, with an in-breath. At the precise moment that aite takes up a kamae, fell them.

April 11, 1966
Taking up a kamae in hopes of catching and spinning around the enemy’s attack is really bad. Letting your body move spontaneously, first of all avoid them. At the same time pay attention to their eyes…

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Sagawa Yukiyoshi Sensei no kuden: Ude-Osae (Ikkyo)

April 20, 1964
What’s special about aiki is that place where you enter lightly. Like a cloud, maybe, or mist: enter lightly.

October 31, 1965
In the old days, as soon as you had them, you’d drive in an atemi, these days when we train we omit this, we put our emphasis on drilling the waza.

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Sagawa Yukiyoshi Sensei no kuden: Tai Sabaki

April 20, 1964
While the single most important thing is to move forwards [ippon deru] – you should also try to draw out the strength of their shoulder by stretching their arm.

September 3, 1968
An aiki body: fore-arm, body, legs all in accord.

January 5, 1971
In Aiki pulling doesn’t work…

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