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O’Sensei no Kuden: Kokyu

Breath out while breathing in, and breath in while breathing out.

– – – reported by Nobuyuki Watanabe Shihan – in Gekkan Hiden,  Aug. 2007.  Interview translated by Christopher Li Sensei,  Sangenkai website.

O’Sensei no kuden: Kokyu(2)

It’s as if the wind is blowing through my body – – –

– – –   reported by Michio Hikitsuchi Shihan in the introduction to Aikido : recherche du geste vrai  by Gérard Blaize,  p.12

O’Sensei no kuden: Kokyu(3)

Aikido is the science of the universe.

– – – reported by  Motomichi Anno  Shihan,   Journey to the Heart of Aikido,   p.281

O’Sensei no kuden: Kokyu(4)

You people [here, training…] your universe is small – [but look, see: ] my universe is big…

– – – reported by Seishiro Endo Shihan Vibration and Connection – The Aikido That I Pursue, p. 71

O’Sensei no kuden: Kokyu(5)

On the in-breath, it should feel as if you are gathering in the miraculous essence of the [natural] universe to inside your body.

– – – reported by Motomichi Anno Shihan,  Journey to the Heart of Aikido,  p.224

O’Sensei no kuden: Kokyu(6)

Prayer becomes divine power…

– – –  reported by Nidai Doshu in A Life in Aikido  p. 214

O’Sensei no kuden: Kokyu(7)

Become one with the universe…

– – – reported by Gozo Shioda Shihan,  Aiki Shugyo,  p. 180

O’Sensei no kuden: Kokyu(8)

You’re heavy. You’re just practicing for yourself. That’s why it’s no good. First, become an iron ball. Next, become a golden ball. Gold melts easily and is soft. That’s why it good to work with.

– – – reported Nobuyuki Watanabe Shihan, Sangenkai interview…

O’Sensei no kuden: Kokyu(9)

For Budo breathing inhale in a circle while exhaling in a circle…

– – – reported Nobuyuki Watanabe Shihan, Sangenkai interview