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O’Sensei no Kuden: Atemi

Aikido is 70 percent atemi and 30 percent waza.

– – – reported inter alia by Gozo Shioda Shihan,  Aikido Shugyo, p. 19

Nara-en Kongou






– – – by Shmuel Kahlke

On Atemi (2)

– – – by Kimbal Anderson Sensei

So one of the things we covered in the first Atemi Workshop was the idea of  ‘a catalyst’.  It’s basically something that tips a balance. If the universe is very perfectly balanced, a tiny thing can create a great change. For instance: how many molecules of a match catch on fire first? One. But you can melt steel from this tiny thing. If you keep it rolling.  You also can reach Mars, as best I can tell. It’s pretty good what we can do with just a spark.

So you can think of atemi as a creative spark…

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Atemi Workshop!!!


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