Since ancient times
Art and the Martial Way
and the good, hard
practice of both
have made the Body-Mind – – – wake up!!!

– – – O’Sensei

“At the very bottom is the question, ‘how do you prepare your mind to become a singer.’ How to prepare your mind to be a singer. An attitude of openness, inwardness, gratitude; plus meditation, fasting, a little suffering, some rupturing of the day-t0-day ties with the social fabric. I quote again from the Papago: ‘A man who  desires song did not put his mind on words and tunes. He put it on pleasing the supernaturals. He must be a good hunter or a good warrior. Perhaps they would like his ways. And one day in natural sleep he would hear singing. He hears a song and he knows it is the hawk singing to him of the great white birds that fly in from the ocean. Perhaps the clouds sing, or the wind or the feathery red rain spider on its invisible rope. The reward of heroism is not personal glory nor riches. The reward is dreams. One who performs acts of heroism puts himself in contact with the supernatural. After that, and not before, he fasts and waits for a vision. The Papago holds to the belief that visions do not come to the unworthy, but to the worthy man who shows himself humble there comes a dream and the dream always contains a song.’ ”

– – – Gary Snyder,  The Old Ways. pp.37-38,
quoting from Ruth Underhill, Singing for Power,  p.7


Without slack,
full of the Great Universe:
a Magic Sword,
with two-edged blade: Art and the Martial Arts…
…for the Grand Design of the gods!!!

– – – O’Sensei

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