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…su no mi wa moranu…

Falling rain…
…and the woven bamboo does not leak through,
there in the pine-trees’ shadow…

…as moss under the cabin’s eaves
is dried up and crumbling away…

– – – Shinsho


…on preparing to travel – with kasa and zori…

Basho is leaving –
and after his death,
the years have no end…

– – – Buson

…some waking up haiku, renku, kanbun and waka…

The First Dream of the Year

The year’s first dream:
still in my nose –
the heart of what it is to be a flower…

– – – Chiyo Ni

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…some haiku and kambun on ‘the Way’, the road, the path…

…spring rain…
…in a gap between the trees you can see
a trail that goes to the sea…

– – – Otsuji


Seeing a temple
at the turn in the trail
and all those wild crysanthemums!

– – – Shiki


This is a road that no-one travels…
…it’s Autumn,
and night is falling

– – – Basho


The Autumn mountain’s
yellow leaves
are grown so thick
that I am lost, and my sweet sister
wandered away…
along a mountain trail I cannot see…

– – – Kakimoto Hitomaru


Swirling around – more and more –
just look at the snow coming down…
… – – – in the darkness – covering the trail – – –

– – – Kito


The twittering of birds and the voices of insects –
completely communicate the secrets of the mind:
the intelligence of flowers and the color of grasses
are none other than studying books of the Way…
a learned man perceives the essence clearly
and his heart hears the bright-jeweled sound:
whatever he touches, his heart can handle…

– – – from the Saikontan


Dusk hangs from this willow-tree – – –
its shadow spreading
over the deserted road

– – – Buson

…some haiku, renku and kambun about bamboo…

a stand of bamboo
blown about by the winter rain – –
what an evening!

– – – Seisei


Fallen blossoms –
just like scattered paper now!!!…
…my bamboo broom…

– – – Buson


Falling water……
and behind the bamboo water-chute…a cricket sings…

– – – Onitsura

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…apple-blossom time!!!…


…ume no hana!!!…


– Haiku by Soin Nishiyama –

we’ve translated some haiku by the poet SOIN Nishiyama (1605-1682) – – –
Soin was a great influence on Basho, and we think he should be better known:

Being in this world
Is like a butterfly alighting –
However things may be…


So distant from this scattered world –
The cold evening moon.

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…from the Sand and Pebbles Collection…

the fresh
sprouting reeds
in the burned over field
are  a “mandala”!!!
– so the people say – – –

– – – Muju

On martial learning and acting (2) – Suzuki, Kigaku, Budo, Shugyou

…a conversation between Kimbal Anderson Sensei and Dwayne Blackaller of Boise Contemporary Theater about the classical Japanese budo practices preserved in Suzuki acting training – and about the intersecting philosophies of the traditional Japanese martial arts and contemporary theater practice .  A student of a student of a student of Tesshu talking to a student of a student of Marcel Marceau.  The conversation is  here.