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…at the dojo(24) – knocker and gate (by Shmuel-san)…


Aiki-no-Yugen-no-Kigaku-ho, Saturday, April 4

Understanding that the mystery of existence is directly related to the ki-connectedness between us all can allow us to learn techniques for influencing an audience, fellow-performers, or an opposing swordsman. And the experience of practising these same techniques enhances our own creative flow and powers of collaboration.

Kigaku – - – the study of ki – - – is a part of most traditional Japanese arts – - – comprising a rich body of practice and wisdom: ki-flow, kizeme, working with our ki-body…

Practising these traditional exercises in the sacred dojo space, constructed according to mikkyo principles, is in itself a powerful and revelatory experience, and a making contact with the roots of Suzuki actor training,  and of many  gendai martial arts.

Practised as a ‘do‘, a Way, kigaku is a gateway to the mysterious: monji yugen kigaku-ho –  A returning to the roots of the ancient (ken-no-michi) to deepen the modern (Suzuki-ho).

“…opened up new opportunity for continuing growth, already reflected by improved engagement in my writing these past two days.” – Heidi Kraay, playwright and theater-practitioner

For performers, artists, and creative practitioners of every tradition. 

First Saturday of the month, 9:00 – 10:30am.

* mat fee $15 *



A Journey Through O’Sensei’s ‘Budo’ – 3: Tai no Sa-yu no Henka [Transform The Body], Sunday April 12, 12:30-5:30

“ Your mind must be silent, an unblemished crystal to catch the vibration...”  – - – Mitsugi Saotome Shihan

“After transforming [their] body, it is essential that your legs be open in roppo,  so that your posture is stable…”  – - – O’Sensei

“When the face is turned around, the mind must make a complete turn-around…  – - – Koichi Tohei Shihan

“ Guiding your partner’s  ‘Ki‘  onward is an important process in quickening the whole movement…  – - – Morihiro Saito Shihan

Aikido has many metaphors, and you can study each metaphor in many different ways,  and every one of these ways is  beneficial.   So when we think about the notion of “transforming the body” [tai no henka] – one thing is, that on a very practical level, as nage, if you do not transform the body of uke – meaning you take their balance,  etcetera, causing a change in their initial intention – and in fact you join intention with them – then you get nothing more than force and the use of strength and lots of shoving – and you don’t really get to explore very deeply.

Another way of thinking about this is that you have to transform your  own  body so that you have the capacity to feel them… so the higher level of our practice is to be able to perceive how they perceive  themselves: rather than having your own perception of them you have the direct experience of how they perceive themselves. Because, in fact, when  you think about leading ki… you cannot lead ki unless you can feel what they’re feeling. When you cease to feel what they’re feeling,  you start doing an arbitrary motion which is no more than trying to pull on something by visual observation, or desire, or hope or whatever. But  when you can perceive their own organisational aspect, then you’ve already transformed their body by merging.  The transformation is union.

Sunday, April 12,  at the dojo,  12:30-5:30, $25

Please park at Elm Grove Park.

for more information contact Kimbal Anderson Sensei (208) 407-7590

…practitioners of all styles of aikido welcome…

…in the dojo(103)…


O’Sensei no kuden: in-yo(7)

When you confront the enemy, put the distance of “water” between yourself and him.  When he attacks with “fire”, he will not be able to touch you, because you are “enveloped in water” and you are moving with it.

- – – translated (and possibly paraphrased in translation) by Itsuo Tsuda,  recorded by André Nocquet Shihan.   Published in Maître Morihei Ueshiba: présence et message  p.146

…ume no hana(2)!!!…

umenohana2015_8 CROP2

Peter is teaching a ‘Sound as Art’ workshop…

…at The Atlanta School  Friday September 11th – Sunday September 13th… …with two free performances:  mid-afternoon and  after dark on Sunday the 13th of September,  in and around the old mining-town of Atlanta, Idaho...AtlantaSchoolcabins

The movie ‘Bluebird Man’ with Rebeca’s music…

…will have a screening on Wednesday, April 22nd, 2015  as part of the Wild and Scenic Film Festival,  in Salt Lake City, UT, hosted by the Summit Land ConservancybluebirdwideNblue


…and Rebeca’s CD,  Mostecelo, is…

.mostecelo2 here …and a preview of the upcoming here!

A change of optic:

Aikido is a gem of many facets – sometimes it seems that every one of O’Sensei’s students remembered a different teacher, and of course, many, many different styles have been preserved and developed – but here is one facet that clicked into focus for me recently:

what if O’Sensei spent his time away from Iwama and Tokyo coherently pursuing what he felt to be his “mission in life”?…

what if he spent his time away from Iwama and Tokyo creating and nurturing a network of dojos run by Omoto-Kyo, ex-Omoto-Kyo and Ko-Shinto believers ( hand-picked deshi,  some of them raised, almost, as members of his family) – - – and ex-Kamikaze pilots, too (!) – often with his own name on the sign -  in places – and close to shrines…

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