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A Journey Through O’Sensei’s ‘Budo’ – 4: Irimi Tenka, Sunday August 2, 12:30-5:30


 “It is by kokyu that we align ourselves with the wonderful art of kiki no myo-o…it is the connection of fire and water, the structure of time and space, …the expression of eternal pulsating energy…in which spirit, mind and matter cannot be separated…” – - – O’Sensei

“Tomorrow will be a bright and sunny day…and it’s this ‘tomorrow’ of yours that I take hold of in its entirety when I do kokyu-ho…” – - – Sasaki Masando Shihan

Breathing is musubi, the resolution of physical and spiritual essence into one…” – - – Mitsugi Saotome Shihan

Without resisting your opponent’s strength, but stretching it out and leading it in a circular movement – this is Tenkan…”- – - Koichi Tohei Shihan

Step around to the side of your partner….with your held wrist in the center of the motion, you will be in a position to perform an upward swing…”- – - Morihiro Saito Shihan

So… in each of our workshops we’ve been focusing on aspects of blending energy while entering.  I think a lot of people have trouble with this:  they mistake pushing hard, or force, for actually understanding blending. Kokyu requires true blending with [the] universal energy and your partner, so it’s an inclusive practice.

We’ve been looking at ways to  make contact with yourself, to eliminate your own anxious aggressions, even if they may seem positive. As we do this you can understand that the more relaxed and solidified your body is,  the more easy the entry.

And consolidation and proper movement allow perfect entry without collision…

Sunday, August 2, at the dojo, 12:30-5:30, $25

Please park at Elm Grove Park.

for more information contact Kimbal Anderson Sensei (208) 407-7590

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The gokui of aikido…

The gokui of aikido is this:

  • purifying yourself of maliciousness
  • harmonizing/aligning yourself with the movements of the [natural] universe
  • you must make yourself one with the [natural] universe itself.

A person who has mastered the gokui of aikido knows the [natural] universe in their belly, and has the feeling of “I am that very thing: the universe”.

Along with this, you will have the sense that what are called “fast” or “slow” moments simply do not exist. This speed that transcends any sense of individual moments is what is called Masakatsu Agatsu Katsuhayabi. To achieve the state of Masakatsu Agatsu Katsuhayabi you have to assimilate yourself to the state of all life, existing/living in the eternal now of the [natural] universe.

So, in this regard, how is it possible to purify yourself of maliciousness, make clear and bright your mind and heart, and harmonize/align yourself with the activity and functioning of the [natural] universe, all of Nature, and every single thing?

In this respect, first of all: only knowing your heart to be the heart of the [natural] universe. So – the heart of the [natural] universe, what is that? It is this: above and below, to the four directions, from antiquity to the present day, reaching into every corner, an ever-increasing, expansive sense of “love”.

Love – does not contend.
In love – there is no enemy.

However slightly there may be an enemy, however slightly a heart of contention, already you can feel that the heart of the [natural] universe is no longer there.

People who have not become one with the workings of cause and effect of the heart of the [natural] universe cannot harmonize/align themselves with the movement of the [natural] universe. The bu of people who cannot harmonize/align themselves with the movement of the [natural] universe, in that it is a destructive bu, is not true bu.

In true budo, there is no enemy, true budo is movement and activity of love. That is, being without murderous contention, keeping alive and raising up everything, it is an activity of creation and growth. Love is the very honzon 1) of giving protection – [and of protectiveness,] – and if there is no love, nothing can be brought into being. Aiki no do, you will find, is an activity which makes love visible..

Thus: a bu of techniques, in which there is contention, in which there is victory, in which there is defeat, is not true bu.

True bu, precisely because it is Masakatsu Agatsu  Katsuhayabi, in whatever circumstance is absolutely without defeat. In other words – [precisely because true bu] is absolutely without defeat, you must absolutely in whatever way not contend with one another. And as for victory: it is in your own heart that you must forcibly conquer ‘the heart of contention’ . When you do this, you will find yourself fulfilling and accomplishing that mission [in life] that was bestowed upon you personally.

- – - O’Sensei,  probably audio-recorded by by Masatake Fujita, transcribed by Sadateru Arikawa Shihan,  published in Aiki-Shinzui,  pp. 34, 35

1)  The honzon is the fundamental venerated object – - – be it a painted scroll, a statue, or a mandala – - – in the practice of various schools of Japanese Buddhism – - - typically the object of meditation, with the practitioner seated right in front, gazing at it – - – -

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O’Sensei no kuden: Keiko (15)

Keep moving! Keep moving! – Spiral! Spiral!  [fure!  fure!]

- – - recorded by André Nocquet, reported by  J.-D Cauhépé and A. Kuang in
Shobu Aiki p. 24

…there are some things I want to talk about (7)…

- – - – - – - – - – ukemi, receiving and blending – - – - – - – - – -

Tanren-ho is part of a Way (8)…

In the compound of the Kyoto Botanical Garden, there is a place halfway up the hill where it is said that…Yoshitsune Minamoto trained. It forms a basin and is a perfect spot for outdoor Aikido training. About 50 yards away, there was a small house with about three rooms which was…the house where the famous Confucian scholar Razan Hayashi Sensei was born in the Edo period. Ueshiba Sensei rented that house and lived and trained there for 20 days with…Rinjiro Shirata…Tenryu…and myself….

….after cleaning the house, Ueshiba Sensei admonished us…”We are going to lead an ascetic life…we will eat meals consisting of one kind of soup and a serving of fish or vegetables and rice. We are also going to train at night. ……During the 20-day period of training….we got up at five in the morning, swung our bokken…five hundred times, and then practiced how to move our bodies….Ueshiba Sensei showed us how to move and told us to practice our skills and bring our minds into oneness with nature…

- – - Gozo Shioda Shihan,  Aikido Shinsei – Aiki News translation – issue 79, p. 58; issue 80, p. 65

O’Sensei no kuden: peace in the world (2)

Denko sekai no ijo* – the light of the heavens is above the whole world and is more than its ways…

- – -recorded by Hirokazu Kobayashi Shihan, reported by André Cognard Shihan in Petit manuel d’aikido,  p. 44

* Mount Den-jo is the highest peak next to Mount Kurama…

…in the dojo(108) – irimi-nage!!!…