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A Journey Through O’Sensei’s ‘Budo’ – 2: Irimi [nage], Sunday March 1, 11:00-5:00

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Irimi is Ichi-no-Tachi,  swords passing each other.  Leap forward as the opponent inhales;  apply technique with your exhalation…”  – - – O’Sensei

“ ‘Yama-biko-no-michi’, [the way of the mountain echo]…. As you extend your Ki, the Ki of your opponent will return to you like an echo. However you do not receive your opponent’s Ki because you have instantly moved past him to his rear.”  – - – Morihiro Saito Shihan

Irimi  lets innumerable techniques emerge depending on its appliance in each situation and it is also here that we find the meaning of Takemusu Aikido  -  a budo that creates.  – - -  Shoji Nishio  Shihan

We talk about the marvelous sword of aiki.  Its job is to cut away self- consciousness,  and once you do that you have a whole different space to be in… As a state of mind, this is mu:  it’s void of your own  self-consciousness, but  totally ripe with consciousness.

And the quality of movement that this is about is like a drop of water hanging on a leaf in the forest – it reflects everything around it perfectly – it’s not static:  it’s actually circulating – you can see the whole forest in the drop – the tiniest breeze and the droplet falls naturally like an arrow let loose from a bow. Your uke:  their thought, even their ki movement can be just enough – so that their movement, their impulse even, makes the droplet begin its motion: and it drops naturally…

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Sunday, March 1, at the dojo, 11:00-5:00, $25

Please park at Elm Grove Park.

for more information contact Kimbal Anderson Sensei (208) 407-7590

…practitioners of all styles of aikido welcome…


O’Sensei no kuden: Irimi (12)

He will then try to stand up again.  It is your part to not derail this attempt while [at the same time] leading him towards the ground where you can control him implacably.

In aiki, to direct is to cause to fall, but to cause to fall is also to direct!

When you become strong in aiki, you will get used to filling your adversary’s weak point even before he does so himself, and in this way you apply technique to his weak point.

- – – translated (and possibly paraphrased in translation) by Itsuo Tsuda, reported by André Nocquet Shihan in Maître Morihei Ueshiba: présence et message p. 79


…early in the 1961 Japan TV documentary,   Aikido 1),    O’Sensei is seen lecturing in front of this exposition of TRIANGLE, CIRCLE, SQUARE…


[and see also the recent translation by the indispensable Stanley Pranin Sensei of an article on ‘Triangle, Circle, Square’ by Sakura Mai]


  • [TRIANGLE <PLUM>]  In the 3,000 worlds all at once the  [plum-]tree-blossom – the ki-energy – of aiki is opening…  in that light and in those miraculous sounds that are being produced, take control!
  • [CIRCLE <BAMBOO>]   Izu and mizu manifesting as a cross, as intersecting vertical and horizontal, as tate-yoko…  this is aiki…  now, on the golden bridge,  act as if you are fulfilling the destinies of Mount Fuji and of the whirlpools of Naruto!
  • [SQUARE / SHIKAKU <PINE>]  With the tate-yoko cross of aiki manifesting as [kotodama]  voices, as  light and as shadow…  in the light be aware of something like charcoal (sumi) 2)  and something like spirit…
1)  reissued on the Aikido Journal DVD,   Founder of Aikido
2)  Sasaki Masando Shihan used to refer to a verse by Ikkyu which describes kokoro as a sumi-e drawing of something intangible and ungraspable. There is a specialist meaning of kokoro, outlined  inter al  in eighteenth century versions of the Kujiki-den. In this schema, kokoro is the very first, subtle impulse of intent (the thing that O’Sensei was famously able to tune in to), this impulse becomes ri, the mind at work, which becomes ki just before it manifests in the “real” world as actual utterance or action.

Random Thoughts

- – - by Jolene Starr

Random thoughts
or are they?

The Buddhists say let them go
just watch, like clouds passing in the sky

But maybe they contain some deeper secret
says my mind, something I need to know

Need to know? ask the Buddhists
is there anything you really need to know?

All that we really need to know
is our own True Nature

We don’t need to know what happened in the past
it only clutters and confuses

But the historians say that a past forgotten
is apt to be repeated. We must learn from the past

No, say the Buddhists
the only thing we need to remember

Is our own True Self
that expansive consciousness that has no beginning

and no end, encompassing all, everything
especially Joy and Peace and Love

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A change of optic:

Aikido is a gem of many facets – sometimes it seems that every one of O’Sensei’s students remembered a different teacher, and of course, many, many different styles have been preserved and developed – but here is one facet that clicked into focus for me recently:

what if O’Sensei spent his time away from Iwama and Tokyo coherently pursuing what he felt to be his “mission in life”?…

what if he spent his time away from Iwama and Tokyo creating and nurturing a network of dojos run by Omoto-Kyo, ex-Omoto-Kyo and Ko-Shinto believers ( hand-picked deshi,  some of them raised, almost, as members of his family) – - – and ex-Kamikaze pilots, too (!) – often with his own name on the sign -  in places – and close to shrines…

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…peace pole!!!…

…late in 1942…

“….On August 7, after consultations with the appropriate judges, [Judge Takano] released [Onasiburo, Sumiko and Isao] on bail, and they appeared in the outside world for the first time in six years and eight months….

“My cousin Yasuaki Deguchi…writes in ‘Founder of a New Religion’….’To the followers who came to see him, he would say with emphasis, “There will be no divine help in this war,” “This war is a war between devils, so do not get involved”….’

“….even now he did not hold back from his outspoken remarks. ‘On the day I left prison, Japan’s defeat in the war began,’ he said.

“On August 7, 1942, the day Onisaburo was released, American forces landed on Guadalcanal, and the first naval battle of the Solomon Islands began….

“He would say, ‘They did all this to Omoto and don’t even come to apologize. So Japan will be attacked by the foreign enemy and will be beaten.’….’God dislikes killing. Omoto will not cooperate in the war.’

“….Telling soldiers leaving for service overseas, ‘Fire your guns into the air,’ he would give them advice according to their respective destinations….To troops leaving for the front, Onisaburo issued special amulets on which were written the words, ‘Victory to the Enemy’….

- – - – from The Great Onisaburo Deguchi,  Kyotaro Deguchi,  tr. Charles Rowe, publ. Aiki News, pp. 285-9