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The SPIRIT of Aikido – by Nidai Doshu  (1984)

Aikido and the HARMONY of Nature – by Mitsugi Saotome Shihan
The PRINCIPLES of Aikido – by Mitsugi Saotome Shihan
A LIGHT on Transmission – by Mitsugi Saotome Shihan

TRADITIONAL  Aikido – by Morihiro Saito Shihan

It’s a lot like DANCING – by Terry Dobson Sensei

VIBRATION and Connection – by Seishiro Endo Shihan

Following the Martial PATH – by Walther G. Von Krenner Sensei

…and online…

… and medium length and longer excerpts in –

ENLIGHTENMENT through Aikido – by Kanshu Sunadomari Shihan

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“Ah, I see you are reading The Book of Five Rings…” (conv’n w/ MS) HARMONY p.239
“Aikido has as its mission the restoration and preservation of the health of both the individual and society…” LIGHT p.109
“Aikido is none other than the manifestation of the workings of love…” HARMONY p.31
“Aikido is not for beating others or winning battles…” PATH p.168
“Aikido is not for being victorious over people…” VIBRATION p.125
“Aikido is not the art of fighting using brute strength…” ENLIGHTENMENT p.29
“Aikido is realizing the original power of life…” HARMONY  p.154
“Aikido is the culmination of the arts of the sword, spear, and body…” VIBRATION p.125
“…Aikido is the path that joins all paths of the universe…” HARMONY p. 17
“Aikido is the principle of non-resistance…” ENLIGHTENMENT p.161
“Aikido technique is structured on circular movement….” Aikido of Santa Cruz and HARMONY p. 160
“Aikido trains the human spirit and invokes the great spirit of peace…” PRINCIPLES p.33
“Aiki derives from the image and spirit of God…” ENLIGHTENMENT p.127
“Aiki has a form and does not have a form…” HARMONY p. 93
“Aiki is action based on receiving the divine teachings…” VIBRATION p.123
“Aiki is not a technique to fight with or defeat an enemy.” DANCING p.165
“Aiki is a way of harmony. It is a manifestation…”   ENLIGHTENMENT p.xxiv
“Aiki is love. It is the path that brings our hearts into oneness…”  ENLIGHTENMENT p. xi passim
“Aiki is to meet and match…the ki of the universe…” VIBRATION p. 137
“Aikido is the Way of the principle of…the Universe…” PATH p. 184
“Aikido is the true budo, the working of love in the universe…” SPIRIT p.9
“A knowledgable person is one who knows what is known and seeks to know what is knowable…” LIGHT p.24
“All techniques should be completely in accordance with…” ENLIGHTENMENT p.83
“All things on earth are a function of universal love…”  ENLIGHTENMENT p. 76, p.96
“A mind to serve for peace…” HARMONY p. 165
“A mind to serve for the peace of all human beings….” DANCING p. 3
“Anyone should be able to hold down another person with one finger…” SPIRIT p.78
“A person who is not attuned with the universe cannot harmonize with the movement of the universe…” VIBRATION p.121
“As one proceeds in doing aikido by unifying the mind and body through subtle methods of ki…” VIBRATION p.131
“As the dynamics of spiral movement exert a change…” HARMONY p. 187
“Because your whole body is a body-mind assembled from…” Komyozan Dojo
“Because, as you can feel, aikido consists of the old-time sword-, spear-, and body-arts…” Komyozan Dojo
“Being caught up and imprisoned by kata, …” ENLIGHTENMENT p.120, p.135
“By virtue of the subtle workings of ki we harmonize mind and body…” SPIRIT p.24
“Budo is not a means of felling an opponent…”  TRADITIONAL vol.3  p.38
“Budo is not a means of felling the opponent…” SPIRIT p.9
“Circular movement where end meets up with the beginning is the basis of aiki waza…” LIGHT p. 63
“Commit yourself to awakening to the importance of training…” ENLIGHTENMENT p.119
“Create peace among humanity on a grand scale…” VIBRATION p. 141
“Do not limit aikido to only the present…” ENLIGHTENMENT p.134
“Don’t look at the opponent’s eyes…” DANCING p.119
“Don’t look at the eyes of your partner…” TRADITIONAL vol.5 p.30
“Don’t simply look at the opponent’s eyes…” SPIRIT p.77
“During the demonstration that you just witnessed you were probably thinking, this old man is playing with his opponents as if they were children…” LIGHT p.61
“Everyone immediately associates the martial arts with militarism…” LIGHT p. 53
“Every technique of a martial art must be in accord with the truth of the universe…” SPIRIT p.75
“Everything becomes clear with the development of the spirit…” PATH p. 155
“Everything is to be learned from the Universe…” ENLIGHTENMENT p.119
“First do chinkon-kishin…” VIBRATION p. 133
“First you must gain insight into the natural world…” PRINCIPLES p.207
“Forms crafted by the mind have unnatural components…” ENLIGHTENMENT p.135
“From here forward, we must manifest the true spirit…” ENLIGHTENMENT p.161
“Gaze carefully at the flow of a mountain river…” VIBRATION p. 135
“I am calm, however and whenever I am attacked,…” DANCING p.61
…I am sure that many of you associate the essence of budo…” PRINCIPLES p. 191
“I have trained my physical body through budo and attained its deeper secrets…” VIBRATION p.137
“Immobilizing someone with a finger is something anyone should be able to do easily…” VIBRATION p. 135
“In Aikido, everything comes out of three ki‘s: Sho-Chiku-Bai…” Komyozan Dojo
“In a sense, aikido is for cleansing oneself of evil…” VIBRATION p.119
“In letting fly a technique, it is crucial to match the breath of heaven and earth…” VIBRATION p.129
“In protecting the body and spirit…” ENLIGHTENMENT p.133
“In techniques using te-gatana…” Komyozan Dojo
“In the same way that any single human life is one complete whole…” LIGHT p.35
“In Ueshiba’s aikido, there is no enemy.”  TRADITIONAL vol.3   p.21
“Irimi, Shihonage ten years. Ikkyo is your whole life…” HARMONY p. 191
“It is my wish for all those who forge themselves…” ENLIGHTENMENT p.130
“It is said that tools and their use must be consistent with the way…” LIGHT p.112
“It is up to humanity as the caretakers….” ENLIGHTENMENT p.121
“It’s alright. Go ahead, die….Ryokan Zenji said…” (conv’n. w/ MS)  HARMONY p.165
“I undertook the training of my body through budo, and when I realized its ultimate essence…” SPIRIT p.74
“I want considerate people to listen to the voice of aikido…” DANCING p.85
“I wonder if you grasp the real purpose of aikido…” PRINCIPLES p. 209
“Ki does not flow unless you breathe…” PATH p. 145
“Maybe in an earlier century the concept of world harmony…”  HARMONY p. 124
“My dojo is nature; it is the universe…” HARMONY p. 67
“My energy, my power, is not controlled by me…” HARMONY p.52
“My hope for aikido practitioners is always that they will see the world for what it is…” LIGHT p.89
“No external force or conflict can threaten me. I remain calm…”  HARMONY p.166
“Oneness is simply that: oneness…” PRINCIPLES p.215
“Or you might look at the way a mountain creek…” Komyozan Dojo
“…people often say that I created Aikido through…” (conv’n. w/ MS)  HARMONY p.15
“People who think of Aikido simply as a martial art do not improve…” PATH p. 138
“Performing technique in harmony…” ENLIGHTENMENT p.76, p.83
“Saotome, if you wish to understand Aiki no Kurai..” (conv’n w/ MS)   PRINCIPLES p.201
“Technique is the connection (kimusubi and omusubi) of the vibration of the body…” VIBRATION p. 137
“That will be wonderful. Aikido is the bridge to peace and harmony…” SPIRIT p.120
“The aiki of which conventional martial artists spoke…”  ENLIGHTENMENT p.29,  p.129
“The art that I practice is the art that is in accordance with Nature…”
“The beautiful form that is heaven and earth is one family…” VIBRATION p. 141
“The budo of the past are not sufficient…” ENLIGHTENMENT p.130
“The concept of world harmony is not logic, it must be reality…” HARMONY p. 124
“The deepest secret of budo is to energetically connect…to the universe…” VIBRATION p. 137
“The demonstration of aikido that I just gave to you…” PRINCIPLES p. 201
“The essence of aikido is for the techniques to change according to the circumstances…” VIBRATION p. 121
“The essence of aikido is to cleanse oneself of evil…” VIBRATION p.121
“The essential teaching of Japan’s martial way as it has been handed down from long ago…” LIGHT p.109
“The first step for anyone seeking the martial way is to learn correct etiquette…” LIGHT p.111
“The glory of life and its workings will not flourish if…” LIGHT p.9
“The great way that governs heaven and earth is also the martial way…” LIGHT p.59
“The infinite universe never resists…” LIGHT p. 19
“The main components of the practice of aiki…” VIBRATION p.133
“The path of aiki is limitless. Although I am 76 years old…” VIBRATION p. 143
“The people of the world are all brothers and sisters…”  ENLIGHTENMENT p.34
“The reason I’m going to Hawaii is to build a Silver Bridge…” SPIRIT p.121
“…there is a verse which begins ‘three thousand worlds all open when the flower of the plum-tree blossoms…” LIGHT p.90
“There is no enemy in the aikido of Ueshiba…” VIBRATION p. 133
“The secret of aiki lies in cleansing and purifying…”  ENLIGHTENMENT p. 117
“The subtle working of ki is the maternal source that affects delicate changes in breath…” SPIRIT p.24
“The true path of the martial arts…” LIGHT p.2
“The way is like the flow of blood inside the body…”
TRADITIONAL, vol.2, p.19
“There is an imbalance between the discoveries of physical science…”  HARMONY p. 63
“There is no set form in aikido…” ENLIGHTENMENT p.13
“There is nothing strange or unusual about the teachings of truth…”  ENLIGHTENMENT p. 121
“These three things [sho-chiku-bai]…” Komyozan Dojo
“This body is the concrete unification of the physical and spiritual created by the universe…” SPIRIT p.36
“This path is not to destroy other people using weapons or force…” VIBRATION p.123
“This world, which is a manifestation of unity, is, after all, operated by soul and body…”
TRADITIONAL vol.5  p.37
“Through aiki, the development of yamato damashii is made real in the world…” LIGHT p.64
“Through budo I trained my body thoroughly…” SPIRIT p.24
“Throughout the ages, innumerable religious teachers…” HARMONY p.148
“To fall in with the movements of the circle is the technique…” PATH p. 127
“True aikido is not only about defeating the opponent…” VIBRATION p.131
“True breathing means to breath in unison with the universe…” SPIRIT p.78
“True Budo is a work of love…” DANCING p.35
“We do aikido the honor of referring to it as Odo no Kamuwaza…” Komyozan Dojo
“We must cultivate the ki and carry out the reconstruction of the spirit of the soul…” VIBRATION p.129
“We must gaze carefully at the infinite true form of the universe…” VIBRATION p. 133
“When in conflict, harmonize…” ENLIGHTENMENT p.133
“You must learn ki and kokoro…” PATH p. 144
“You must learn the freedom of no desires…” (conv’n. w/ MS) HARMONY p.145
“You must never lessen your concentration…” (conv’n. w/ MS)   HARMONY  p. 163
[conversation with a sports photographer] HARMONY p.150
[various conversations with Saotome Sensei] HARMONY p. 238
[various conversations with Saotome Sensei] LIGHT pp. 28, 30, 33, 36, 44, 59, 77, 86, 87, 97, 99, 102, 105, 106, 113

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