Lessons from my Karate Master…


– – – by Jolene Starr


Hanshi ​ Isao Ichikawa,​ a Japanese man who founded Karatedo Doshinkan in the 1960’s, was only about 5’6” tall, but he had a huge presence.​​  ​

When he walked into a room, you  ​did not have to be coached.  You ​​automatically stood up.  ​ ​My first training with him was in June 1980.

He died in 1996 when he was in his 60’s, but until death took him away, he  looked vibrant and full of life. His face shone and his skin glowed. I ha​ve​
a picture of him in a hot tub holding a large goblet of beer; he  ​is​  luminous, almost a halo around him. In another picture, taken by a friend of mine in a dark gymnasium without the use of a flash, he fairly radiate​s​  light…
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