In addition to regular classes, we are currently offering:

Aiki-no-Yugen-no-Kigaku-ho: understanding that the mystery of existence is directly related to the ki-connectedness of the entire universe allows us to influence an audience, fellow-performers, or an opposing combatant. Practised as a ‘do’, kigaku is the gateway to the mysterious: monji yugen kigaku ho. A returning to the roots of the ancient (ken-no-michi) to deepen the modern (Suzuki-ho).

For performers, artists, and creative practitioners of every tradition.

(every first Saturday of the month, 9:00-10:30am)


A Journey Through O’Sensei’s ‘Budo’: a series of workshops, designed to explore the ki-flow implications of the words of the 1938 presentation mokuroku/manual. Including the tai-jutsu “put your feet here, do this with your hands” already so well represented in the English language, but adding to it the sword movements embodied in each waza, the ki-flow implied by them, and the “Look at t h i s with t h i s kind of vision” of traditional Japanese practice. As Musashi wrote: “The teacher is the needle, the student is as the thread.”

(next workshop: TBA)


The Body Majik 101 Workshop: a two hour workshop on a set of traditional budo exercises that restore your body to its natural and original alignment. You feel better, avoid chronic pain arising from mis-alignment, and your athletic performance is enhanced.
(next workshop: by request )


Body Majik class – Health as Authentic Living: an all-day class on the importance of verticality – and posture – for health and healing.
 How Vertical Energy Flow Heals the Mind, Body & Spirit
 In Depth Understanding of the Importance of Vertical Posture in Healing
 Lymphatic & Organ Manipulation Therapies
 Myofascial and Muscle Energy Techniques
 Hands on Practice and Learning

(next class: by request)


Introduction to Meditation Practices: a primer in understanding sitting, walking and mantra meditations of various schools, and how to apply them into your everyday life. Beginning teachings to access meditative states of mind.

(next class: by request)


Also coming soon:

The Eight Life Ways


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