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O’Sensei no Kuden: a ‘Way’ (4)

Aikido is 95% perspiration and 5% philosophy.

– – – reported by André Nocquet Shihan, France Culture interview, retrieved from Guillaume Erard’s website

…sekko no tabi-hi: nagururu…

The stone-cutter’s
flying sparks flow right away
in the clear, clear water

– – – Buson

…a little Dragon-King…

Budo requires constant work…

 – – – Mitsugi Saotome Shihan

People who are not hard-working will never discover a peaceful society. Laziness, dishonor, escaping responsibility – these are not good. Budo requires constant work – very intense, hard work to develop and complete projects. If we neglect hard work of this kind, society will suffer. This is more than just living.

That is why I built a dojo – my contribution.

from Aikido – Living by Design,  p. 59

…Guy Debord / La Société du Spectacle(38)…


  • At the very moment that society discovers that it depends on the economy, then at that very moment, in fact, the economy starts to depend on society. That underground force, that grew and grew until it became apparent, and apparently sovereign, has also in fact, lost its power. Because there, where there used to be a “THAT”,  there now is an “I”,  and it  h a s  to be an “I”.  And this subject can only come from the culture at large: that is, from the struggles that are interior to it. The possibilities of her or his existence depend on the outcome of the class struggles that are laid bare as the creation and creator of the economic foundations of history.

* – * – *

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Lynn’s Swanson’s hawk photo is in the Peregrine Fund’s Raptors at Risk…

…2017 photo exhibition, in the Raptors Plus category…



...And Lynn-san’s most recent sculpture is: AEOS, an Iberian stallion, available in Resin, cast to order, from LynnAFraley.com

and she is teaching a workshop:

Wire to Whinny

Friday-Sunday, September 8-10 (with Open Studio on Sept. 11)

In this three-day workshop students learn the basics of equine anatomy, how to best utilize references, form an armature, and then apply clay to create a sculpture….

Peter is performing for and at The Atlanta School, Friday July 28…

…in ATLANTA, IDAHO, just below the Sawtooth Mountains, at the

Post Atlanta School: Artworks By Students And Instructors

event, 8:00-11:00 in the evening, around the little mountain town:

Over 25 artists take over Atlanta, Idaho on Friday, July 28. Atlanta School students and instructors, informed by the town’s unique character, transform rustic mining structures and dramatic mountains into a backdrop for this one-night, group exhibition. Post Atlanta School brings together artists working a variety of mediums, such as printmaking, painting, metalworking, ceramics, writing, sound art and more…

Guests are invited to join us all in Atlanta for the evening. Overnight camping options can be found here. Driving directions can be found here.

Artists include: CJ McCarrick, Ian Wright, Peter John Still, Grant Huglin, Shelley Jund, Kelly Cox, Eric Mullis, Kris Hargis, Jon Sadler, Elizabeth Mcsurdy, Brooke Burton, Khara Oxier, Ruby Stigers, Melissa Frazier, Kate Masterson, Shannon Twenter, Kirsten Furlong, William Lewis, CL Young, Margaret Ratliff, Steven Gossett, Aryssa Hutchins, Rachel Reichert, Karl LeClair, Amy O’Brien,  Eric Bower.

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...and he has a show playing with his sound design: The Hound of the Baskervilles, at Lake Tahoe Shakespeare Festival, Friday July 14 to Wednesday August 23, at 7:30pm.

Rebeca is singing with Mahavia Flamenco…

…at Story  Story  Night, Tuesday, August 29, 2017 at 7:00 pm and 10:00 pm,  at Visual Arts Collective, Garden City. 

$12 tickets available online  or at the door. Show starts at 8 pm. Doors open at 7 pm. LIVE MUSIC ~ FULL BAR



...and Rebeca-san is teaching ‘Cante’ (Flamenco singing) group classes on Tuesdays, 6:15… private classes by arrangement… accompanied by Mahavia guitarist, Derren Crosby Davidavich…  …contact Rebeca-san on (208) 713-0235, or at RRLeatherwing@outlook.com …

..and Rebeca-san’s latest CD: ‘VOGT’  by PALANKEEN…vogtCDnOPENCOVER

…the digital download is available here,  and the  CD’s are available on the same link.  You can buy them here in Boise at Doyle’s on Broadway,  and at the Record Exchange.

A change of optic:

Aikido is a gem of many facets – sometimes it seems that every one of O’Sensei’s students remembered a different teacher, and of course, many, many different styles have been preserved and developed – but here is one facet that clicked into focus for me recently:

what if O’Sensei spent his time away from Iwama and Tokyo coherently pursuing what he felt to be his “mission in life”?…

what if he spent his time away from Iwama and Tokyo creating and nurturing a network of dojos run by Omoto-Kyo, ex-Omoto-Kyo and Ko-Shinto believers ( hand-picked deshi,  some of them raised, almost, as members of his family) – – – and ex-Kamikaze pilots, too (!) – often with his own name on the sign –  in places – and close to shrines…

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